Dear clients,

What will 2024 bring?  A continuation of this covid maize? A recession/booming economy?  We don’t know…but for sure taxes will only become more complex.  For 2023, currently, there are no major changes in the tax laws. 

We, like so many businesses & individuals, have had a major problem with sending tax returns & information using the US Post Office. We can no longer trust that mail will be timely delivered, if at all. 

This issue requires that we make a major change in our procedures.  We are forced to institute the POLICY THAT WE WILL NOT RETURN any tax information via US mail.  In special situations, we will deliver tax information by alternative means (a separate charge will apply).

We suggest that you utilize our portal (by invitation, so please contact us to do so) to upload information and to receive your copy of the filed tax return.  You may also email, mail or drop off your tax information at our office. I suggest that you keep the original documents and only send us copies of non-replaceable paperwork.

We expect that all outstanding payments for our services for prior years have been made before we prepare your 2023 tax return.

We will be updating our website with tax changes and contact information. If you have any questions, please email us @ or call us @ 201-488-2828.

We are looking forward to working with you in filing your 2023 taxes!

Kevin Leeds CPA